Affordable and premium: two words that haven’t existed together in goggles…until now. The 509 Kingpin Goggle puts performance within reach by combining a quick-change lens system along with high-end anti-fog and anti-scratch dual pane lens technology. To change the lens, simply rotate the left and right mounts 90-degrees. It’s that easy. Like all our goggles, the Kingpin pairs perfectly with 509 helmets for a seamless fit that optimizes performance and comfort.

509 KingPin - Storm Chaser - Smoke Polarized Lens

SKU: F02001300
$89.95 Regular Price
$71.96Sale Price
    • Quick change lens technology
    • Dual pane snow lens
    • Premium anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings
    • Contoured triple layer foam
    • Removable nose mask
    • Silicone lined premium strap

    Kingpin Goggle Lens Conditions

    Blue Tint - Sunny
    Clear Lens - Cloudy, Low Light
    Fire Mirror/Clear Tint - Partly Cloudy, Low Light
    Green Mirror/Bronze Tint - Sunny
    Photochromatic Clear Tint - Cloudy & Low Light, Adjusting Tint
    Photochromatic Smoke Tint - Partly Sunny, Adjusting Tint
    Polarized Smoke Tint - Sunny
    Polarized Yellow Tint - Sunny & Partly Sunny
    Rose Tint - Partly Cloudy, Low Light
    Smoke Tint - Sunny
    Yellow Tint - Partly Sunny


    The Kingpin features a dual pane snow lens with premium anti-scratch technology. The inner lens was sourced from Italy and features the industry’s best anti-fog coatings. The quick-change lens technology makes quick work of a lens swap. Simply rotate the left & right mounts 90 degrees clockwise and remove the lens from the frame. It’s that simple.